Participatory Landslide Inventory

An initiative of HEI – SL Cell SANASA Campus



Participatory Landslide Inventory (PLI) is an online platform for record landslide information. People can submit landslide information: both spatial (location) and attributes for landslide events through aneroid application also called PLI. All the data submitted is made available on


Participatory Landslide Inventory works on several levels. Our landslide database primarily consists of data gathered from the National Building and Research Organization, Sri Lanka, Survey Department of Sri Lanka, Google Earth Sattelite data. At an occurrence of a landslide hazard, any user can go to the hazard site and enter hazard data into the database using our mobile application or our web application. The entered data will be reviewed by our research team before getting added to the inventory. If the data was approved accurately, our research team will add more data to the hazard and update the entry further.

Landslides will be mapped on georeferenced and ortho-rectified images at a 1:10,000 scale as vector model polygons. The physical characteristics of landslide will be recorded in the attribute table in Geodatabase.

Participatory Landslide Inventory is accessible for viewing for everyone for free. Through studying the available data students, researchers and citizens can gain get an idea about the landslide hazard potential and vulnerability in an area. We hope that through this application we can minimize the damage and causalities of landslide hazards in Sri Lanka.

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