Landslide Research & Risk Management Division (LRRMD)

Landslides have become a frequent natural hazard, and a pressing environmental problem in the central highlands of Sri Lanka, that disturbs its life, property, and constructed facilities, infrastructure, and natural environment. Mountainous and hilly regions cover nearly 20% of the total land area of the country, where about 30% of the total population live. After the disastrous landslides that occurred in the mid-1980s, the Government of Sri Lanka took the initiative of studying the landslide phenomena in the country.

Accordingly, National Building Research Organisation (NBRO) has been designated as the National Focal Point for landslide risk management in Sri Lanka by GOSL. Landslide Research & Risk Management Division (LRRMD) (former Landslide Studies and Services Division – LSSD) established in 1993 has been the powerhouse and driving force behind NBRO in managing the landslide risk in the country to date, performing multiple tasks including, but not limited to

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